Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Teaching methods of Yudell

Josh Yudell is one of the veteran special education teacher in United States, he has spent his entire career in the filed of investor relations and investment banking.  He was born on 29th  February 1952, completed his higher education from Bonanza High School and when doing his high school studies itself he developed compassion towards handicapped children. After completing his high school studies, he joined the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and from there obtained the training in special education. As a special instructor he was blessed with an adorable and patient approach towards his students.

Yudell worked in A+ Investments and has run market awareness campaigns for hundreds of public companies both domestically and abroad. The services of Mr Yudell are exceptional and are able to positive and appealing learning environment for the kids. He has been trained in this field and is capable of working with those students who have psychological, emotional and mental difficulties.

Some of the special teaching strategies implemented by Josh Yudell

•    The teaching strategies include problem solving assignments, small group work and individual training
•    He firstly calculates the capability of each student by giving them small assignments and finding out the talents of each and every child
•    Teaching procedures implemented are common methods such as group works in which the students get the opportunity to mix with one another and share their ideas and skills
•    He makes the teaching classes more interesting by including various activities
•    Josh Yudell makes regular modification for his teaching plans according to the requirement of each student and develops each and every teaching technique after detailing studying the students who has long term difficulty and temporary difficulty
•    His basic teaching includes the necessary living abilities needed for self sufficiency and independent maintenance like safety, food preparation and hygienic
•    He provided a stress free teaching pattern and the environment, this stress free education process enabled the child to learn without any pressure and could easily catch up with his teaching patterns

Josh Yudell could maintain a good relation with the child and also with the parents by arranging a frequent parents meeting. Yudell was capable of understanding all these aspects and gave special and separate care and teaching patterns for each child and as a result this guaranteed him their ultimate success. The highly dedicated, authentic concern and progressive teaching techniques that he put forward in serving the special children resulted in generating progress for the children.